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Record Storage

Lost inventory? Excessive pricing? Unprofessional drivers? Poor customer service? Time to graduate from the mini-storage?

Scanning / Imaging

Have you considered scanning but aren’t sure what it will cost? Does the cost justify the time and labor?

Data Rotation

Is your data protected? What will happen if your data is lost? What does your disaster recovery plan consist of?

Secure Shredding

Corporate integrity? Government regulations? Privacy laws? HIPAA? FACTA? Just plain old need your space back?

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Navigating Tax Season with Efficient Records Management


While some may suggest paying taxes with a smile, the IRS prefers monetary contributions. A better approach to the tax season is to ensure that your records are well-organized and complete, making the entire tax preparation process more successful and less stressful. Here are key suggestions for efficient records management during tax season. 1. Identify…

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Records Center Storage vs. Self-Storage: A Detailed Comparison


Comparing Apples and Oranges The popular saying about comparing apples and oranges is a lighthearted way of explaining that an evaluation of two things is extremely difficult or impossible because the two things being compared are so different. When considering storage options, the choice between a records center storage company and a self-storage facility might…

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