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Image of a hands putting a piece of paper into a paper scannerScanning your organization’s inactive records, a process known as “backfile conversion,” may not be cost-effective. While it’s necessary to retain records for varying periods of time according to regulatory requirements, those documents and files may be accessed rarely, if ever. A more budget-friendly solution involves storing your files in a secure, off-site records center and scanning documents on strictly as-needed basis.

Secure and Accessible Records

Pacific Records Management’s Scan on Demand service combines the security of off-site records storage with the accessibility provided by document scanning. Inactive documents are transferred to our secure records center where they are barcoded and tracked using our inventory control system. When a document is requested, we retrieve the hardcopy paper record from its storage location and scan it to an electronic file format of your choice. Your electronic document is then uploaded to our secure file management service or emailed to the authorized requester.

Access Your Information from Anywhere

With Scan on Demand, you achieve the convenience of having a file electronically delivered directly to your workstation, laptop or mobile device. The electronic document can then serve as a permanent record that can easily be shared within your organization to support the workflow process. Regardless of your geographic location, Scan on Demand allows for easy retrieval and delivery of your files. In fact, documents can be viewed simultaneously by staff members working in different departments and are easily distributed to individuals across time zones and geographical locations.

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