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Record Storage

Lost inventory? Excessive pricing? Unprofessional drivers? Poor customer service? Time to graduate from the mini-storage?

Scanning / Imaging

Have you considered scanning but aren’t sure what it will cost? Does the cost justify the time and labor?

Data Rotation

Is your data protected? What will happen if your data is lost? What does your disaster recovery plan consist of?

Secure Shredding

Corporate integrity? Government regulations? Privacy laws? HIPAA? FACTA? Just plain old need your space back?

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How Records Management Can Prevent Tax Season Nightmares


Tax season can be a daunting time for businesses, filled with potential audits, scams, missing information, and late penalties. However, with effective records management practices, businesses can navigate tax season with confidence and avoid these nightmares. Here’s a detailed look at how proper records management can save your business from tax season terrors: Audit Preparation…

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Answers to Your Questions about Medical Records Scanning


In the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare, the transition from paper records to digital solutions has become a hot topic. Amidst the buzz, you might wonder if making the shift is a justified commitment or just a passing trend. Let’s dive into the questions you may have about medical records scanning and unravel the reasons why…

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