The Media Vault

A digital illustration of a safe combination lock wheel.Disaster and theft are the two greatest threats to your digital assets. Pacific Records Management’s combination of facilities, systems and personnel ensure the long-term preservation and protection of our clients’ data. Our data protection facilities have been built in accordance with City and NFPA 232 Standards for the Protection of Records and are equipped with a Class 125, 4-hour rated Durasteel media vault is specially designed to protect and preserve backup media.

Enhanced security systems provide continuously monitoring for our vault. A biometric hand recognition intrusion system and digital video surveillance equipment provides monitored access to only Pacific Records Management data protection professionals.

Because the slightest temperature and humidity fluctuations can damage magnetic media, we provide continuous, round the clock environmental monitoring of our vault facilities. Temperature and humidity controls based on ANSI standards insure the long term preservation of magnetic and optical media so that in the event of an emergency restore or audit you are assured the integrity and reliability of your data. Racking systems within our vault allow for the slotting of both containerized and individually slotted media while high density storage shelving prevents your media from being exposed to light and dust.

Protecting your electronic data from fire is equally important. Since traditional water sprinklers can damage magnetic media, we’ve installed a Novec 1230 fire suppression system specifically designed to protect media. When engaged, this gas based fire suppression agent does not leave any residue that could compromise your media. It is the highest form of fire protection you can afford your digital assets.

A Pacific Records Management Infographic titled "Inside a Media Vault" that shows a cross section of a media vault

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Pacific Records Management’s inventory control system allows for the secure tracking of your data within our vault. Your media is bar coded to allow for rapid retrieval and then cycled back to you on either a scheduled or as needed basis. A secure web interface allows you to manage your off-site inventory, adjust your rotation schedule and recall specific volumes.

Your off-site data is available to you 365, 24/7. In the event of a disaster or emergency restore, a Pacific Records Management professional courier will deliver to your media directly to your business or hot site in a GPS tracked and alarmed vehicle. We maintain a strict chain of custody throughout the retrieval, transport and delivery process.

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