3 Affordable Privacy Protection Solutions for Your Business

Keeping your information secure should never be considered a luxury. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to protect your documents and data. Here are three economical privacy protection solutions for your business:

1. Offsite Records Storage

The typical office is filled with file cabinets containing confidential documents. Using your costly square footage to store records in-house doesn’t make good business sense, especially when that space can be allocated, instead, to generating profit for your organization. The other unfortunate truth is that storing your sensitive files in-house increases the risk that they may be stolen or permanently misplaced by an employee.

Commercial records storage offers a secure and affordable solution for protecting your business records from unauthorized access. Rather than renting more storage space than you need in a self-storage facility, you only pay incrementally for the storage space you use within the records center. Plus, a commercial records center is more secure than a self storage or warehouse facility; specially designed to protect and preserve paper documents and files long-term, it offers:

  • Security protection technology
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Digital surveillance monitoring
  • Motion sensors
  • Redundant backup systems

Only screened, authorized personnel can access the facility, and barcode technology is used to track the movements of your files. Your documents are shelved, managed, retrieved and delivered to you by trained, screened professionals to ensure the highest level of privacy protection.

2. Data Protection

Hackers target enterprises of all types and sizes, hoping to gain access to confidential digital data. With this knowledge, it becomes obvious that secure data storage is a must.

If your organization has limited IT infrastructure and staff, an e-vaulting solution is ideal. Your data is backed up automatically, then encrypted and transmitted to a secure data center for storage. If you back up offline to tape, a media vault offers the most secure and economical solution for storing your media offsite. Purpose-built media vaults feature:

  • Strict temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Gas fire suppression systems
  • Shelving systems that minimize light and dust pollution
  • Security surveillance technology

Each tape is individually barcoded so it can be retrieved quickly in support of your data recovery objectives.

 3. Document Shredding

Just like storing your documents and data in-house, a do-it-yourself approach to document disposal increases your costs and puts your information at risk. First, you have to buy shredding machines and keep them running. Then you have to trust your employees to use them all the time; not easy when you have paper shredders that are slow, have a limited capacity and are prone to paper jams.

A professional shredding and destruction service offers an efficient and cost-effective document disposal solution. Locked shredding collection containers replace your expensive and time-consuming paper shredders. Employees can quickly drop sensitive files through a slot in the container without having to remove folders, staples or paper clips.

On a schedule you determine, a screened, uniformed, professional shredding technician collects the contents of your shredding containers and—depending on your preference—either destroys all material on-site with a mobile shredding vehicle or transports it off-site for secure destruction at a shredding plant. Using a NAID AAA Certified document destruction provider keeps your information private.

However, keeping your information private doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Professional records storage, data protection and document shredding, when used together, offer a comprehensive, cost-effective privacy protection solution for your business.

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