6 Document Imaging Benefits for Your Small Business

Going paperless helps businesses of all sizes and types become more productive and profitable. But small businesses in particular can gain a competitive advantage from a document imaging solution. Here are six benefits document imaging offers your small business.

1. Digital storage

Imagine how much more organized your small business would be if you eliminated boxes of documents and file cabinets from your office. Document imaging reduces paper clutter. Files can be stored digitally on a server, portable media or even online.

A scanning service provider is able to convert paper documents to a variety of file formats for digital storage, such as:

  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • GIFF
  • JPG

Millions of documents can be stored on a single server eliminating wasted office storage space.

2. Streamlined file retrieval

A 2011 AIIM survey found it can often take 37 minutes to find one paper file. Document imaging reduces the time your employees spend locating and retrieving your files. Electronic documents can be accessed from a variety of digital devices and don’t have to be manually re-filed. Information can be viewed simultaneously by staff members working in different departments and are easily distributed to individuals across time zones and geographical locations.

3. Searchable documents

Even searching for information within documents takes time. Locating the exact data you need in a multi-page file is akin to finding a needle in a haystack—it’s nearly impossible. Document imaging drastically cuts the time spent locating important data.
A document imaging service uses specialized software to enable digital files to be organized into customized index fields that may include:

  • Date
  • Customer name
  • Document type
  • Invoice number

Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) lets documents be quickly searched by keyword or phrase for improved efficiency and productivity.

4. Enhanced file security

Many small businesses don’t have administrative resources to monitor and control access to paper record inventories, increasing the risks of identity theft and business fraud. Digital imaging enhances file security for your organization. Access and distribution of digital records is easily monitored and tracked; even basic electronic document management systems log the time and date of each file retrieval. File access levels can be customized for each employee in your small business for compliance with privacy protection laws.

5. Disaster Recovery

While all information is susceptible to disasters, paper documents are especially vulnerable to fires, floods and other catastrophic events. Document imaging offers enhanced disaster recovery for your small business. Digital images can be backed up to tape or hard drive or protected electronically with an e-Vaulting solution.

6. Improved customer service

Your customers also benefit from a document imaging solution. Document imaging streamlines your workflow so your clients promptly get the information they need. The use of digital files automatically speeds up the following customer service processes:

  • Invoicing
  • Customer inquiries
  • Product deliveries

Every small business can benefit from document imaging. Look for a scanning and imaging provider that can customize an imaging solution to your small business requirements.
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