Cloud Backup or Offsite Media Vaulting? We Help You Decide.

It’s easy to take your data for granted, until it’s gone for good. A single data loss incident can devastate your business. That’s why having a backup and data recovery plan is a no-brainer. Deciding between a cloud backup solution and vaulting your backup media offsite in a vault isn’t as simple. In this blog, we help you make the right choice.

Cloud Backup

When you back up data to the cloud, critical files are digitally sent to a kind of electronic vault for storage and protection. No backup hardware or software is necessary. Over the internet, your data is automatically backed up, so there’s no remembering to pop a tape in a drive. Lose your data and it’s quickly restored online. Whether you’re a large organization with an IT department or own a home business, cloud backup offers easy, reliable and cost-effective data protection.

Offsite Media Vaulting

Tape backup has a longer history than cloud backup. In the early computers, backup data was written to tapes and even today organizations use tape backup as a part of a robust data protection strategy. It’s easy to see why: tapes can store huge amounts of data (more than 1 terabyte) at a low price point (around $30).

As with many types of physical storage media, proper care and handling is a must. Ideally, you want to store them offsite in an extremely secure and stable environment. That’s where offsite media vaulting comes in; it safeguards them from theft and disasters, yet keeps them organized and accessible.

Media vaults are equipped with advanced media protection and preservation systems. Temperature and humidity regulation controls ensure an optimal internal climate. Novec 1230 fire suppression technology offers waterless, gas based fire protection. Security measures include:

  • Biometric hand recognition
  • Digital video surveillance
  • Screened data protection professionals

Barcode tracking technology allows tapes to be picked up or delivered anytime. With all these features, it may seem like media vaulting is only an option for Fortune 500 companies with large tape libraries—but it’s also a cost-effective solution for small businesses with just a few tapes and smaller bottom lines. A media vaulting service can scale to meet a wide variety of data protection strategies and budgets.

Deciding between cloud backup and media vaulting all depends on your business resources and personal choice. Some companies combine the two to meet compliance requirements and mitigate a full range of data loss risks. The right data protection partner can guide you in the right direction.

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