Ensuring Data Security through Records and Information Management

It’s hard to quantify the amount of data that we utilize on a daily basis.  Yet, according to most estimates the volume of business data worldwide doubles every 1.2 years.   Therefore, it’s probably safe to say that the amount of information within your business grows exponentially from year to year.  Data thieves are well aware of the high volume of confidential information your business may maintain, as well as the challenges associated with managing data, and how valuable your sensitive information can be.

As a result, it’s increasingly important that you’re able to protect your corporate data.   But, finding the balance between ensuring data security without detracting from your core competencies is challenging to say the least.  Most businesses run on limited resources and tight budgets.  A professional records and information provider provides you with an outsourced solution for ensuring data security across your business enterprise.

Secure records storage

One of the greatest risks of data exposure within an organization is directly related to improper storage of sensitive documents.  For example, many businesses utilize the following areas for document storage:

  • basements
  • offices
  • warehouse space

Using available space within these areas for records storage may seem like a no brainer.  However, access to these areas tends to be loosely monitored and rarely controlled.   Let’s say a service provider outside of your business needs to perform scheduled maintenance within one of these storage areas.  Can you be sure they won’t look in a box of files?

Professional offsite records storage is a more secure option for protecting and preserving your hardcopy records.  In addition to providing a highly secure, dedicated document storage environment it enables your business to:

  • reduce overhead storage expenses
  • alleviate administrative burdens
  • provide long term preservation of vital records

Comprehensive records management

In addition to the risks of theft, fire and water damage, in-house storage also presents document management problems.  Very few companies are fortunate enough to have dedicated records management staff.   The rest have to rely on administrative staff which may often lack the expertise and knowledge for organizing and tracking records.

Yet, in order to meet compliance and regulatory requirements and enhance productivity, it’s essential to be able to locate and retrieve files in a timely manner.  Archival and active documents should be organized and arranged in a manner that facilitates easy access throughout required retention periods.  Professional records management allows for a comprehensive audit trail for your records which can be documented throughout the retention cycle.  The same company that implements your records storage solution should also be able to provide:

  • barcode tracking
  • online inventory management
  • anytime retrieval and delivery
  • final deposition shredding

Offsite media vaulting

One backup tape or hard drive can contain a treasure trove of electronic data.  Therefore as part of your backup process, you should transfer your critical backup assets to a secure, dedicated media vault facility.  Doing so minimizes the risk of data theft and ensures that your critical information can be restored in the event of a disaster.   Your records and information management provider can also implement the following solutions for protecting your electronic data:

  • offsite data protection
  • E-Vaulting
  • tape rotation

Pacific Records Management provides records and information management solutions for businesses throughout Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, and Napa & Solano Counties.  For more information, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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