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Tired of a paper-intensive office?

Keeping up with paper documents is inefficient, insecure and exhausting. Hardcopy records take up space within your office, file retrieval is time-consuming difficult to monitor, and it’s hard to ensure the privacy of your information when you’re using paper. Scanning your paper documents alleviates these problems and enables information to be shared digitally within your business.

We’re here to help you go paperless in Fresno

Pacific Records Management provides relief from your paper-dependent office. We scan and convert your paper documents to easily-managed digital files. Our document scanning services are a cost-effective and reliable solution for imaging all kinds of business records, including:

  • Contracts
  • Employee records
  • Invoices
  • Medical and legal files

There’s no more digging through file cabinets or slaving over the copy machine. We enable you to safely store your records in a digital format for faster access, better privacy protection, and easy sharing of your business information.

Paperless made easy with document scanning

Making the decision to go paperless is easy. After all, scanning your paper records to a digital format reduces document management costs for your business. Still, you need the right expertise and resources to ensure your paper records are accurately converted to digital files without having to buy expensive equipment and hire additional staff.

Pacific Records Management makes your conversion to digital records simple with a fully managed document scanning process. We assess the size, type and condition of your documents as well as your document management objectives. Each step of the document imaging process is handled for you:

  • File preparation
  • Document indexing and coding
  • Scanning and conversion
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

We apply quality control procedures during imaging to ensure the accuracy of every scan. Your digital images are formatted exactly to your specifications for integration into your workflow and databases. We even offer an image hosting solution that enables your images to be securely stored online and accessed from any location.

A document scanning solution that meets your budget

Whether you have an entire inventory of paper files or handful of paper records to be scanned, Pacific Records Management can help. Our document scanning services are tailored to your budget and information-access needs. We provide conversion and indexing document inventories of all sizes, from entire file rooms to a few file cabinets of documents. You also have the option of choosing our Scan on Demand solution which enables archival files to be stored offsite and imaged only when you need them.

To find out more about our Document Scanning services in Fresno, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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