Records Management Support Services in Fresno

No matter the size of your business or within which industry you serve, having the ability to preserve, locate and control your business documents is crucial.  Records have to be protected from disaster and theft while also meeting various legal and regulatory retention requirements.  As a result, you need a turnkey records management solution that provides:

  • secure document storage
  • efficient and thorough tracking
  • convenient and secure retrieval
  • retention and destruction scheduling

Fresno’s records management resource

Pacific Records provides Fresno’s business community with comprehensive records management services that enhance information security, document retention and compliance requirements.  We provide organizations of all types and sizes with the proper resources necessary for managing business records.  Our records management services include:

  • active file indexing, tracking and storage
  • long term archival retention and preservation
  • professional retrieval and delivery
  • automated retention management

Secure offsite records storage

We offer our clients the most secure and reliable offsite storage facility in Fresno for protecting business records.  Unlike self storage facilities, our records center is designed specifically for safeguarding and preserving information assets and meets all requirements as set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and the State of California Department of Public Health (CDPH).  Our document storage facility is equipped with the following features:

  • 24 hour fire suppression and security intrusion monitoring
  • fully redundant backup systems
  • digitally recorded, controlled authorized access
  • high density records storage shelving units

Pacific Records’ offsite storage facility eliminates the costs associated with storing and managing your records in-house and far exceeds the security and protection offered by inferior storage options.

Comprehensive tracking and management of your records inventory

Every carton transferred to our Fresno records center is assigned a barcode label and tracked within our inventory management system.  Not only does this allow for fast, accurate and secure retrieval but also provides you with a tool for managing your records throughout the retention lifecycle.  Our client web access module allows you to:

  • generate custom inventory reports
  • search for records by date, type, department, etc.
  • set user access levels
  • schedule secure destruction
  • request and retrieve records at any time from any location

Simply put, you gain the ability to better manage and track your documents and files without straining your administrative staff.

If you’re a business located within Fresno looking for a better solution for managing your records, we can help.  To find out more about our records management solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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