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Threats to Your Business Data and Choosing the Right Backup Solution

It’s easy to take our business data for granted. We assume that as soon as we start up our computers, all data will be magically available. But when, for one reason or another, we suddenly don’t have access to the documents and files we need, there’s a mad scramble to find a quick solution. Taking…

Things to Consider Before Scanning Your Business Records

Is document scanning the best option? There is no denying that document imaging provides a convenient alternative to paper documents. However, have you considered all the costs? Often the first question that needs to be considered is: <strongDo you need simultaneous viewing of the same document from multiple locations? If not, then scanning a document…

The Hidden Hazards of Self Storage

Walk into any office, and you’ll most likely see file cabinets lining hallways and boxes filling offices. Finding enough space to store business records is a concern for any budget-minded organization. As a result, “inexpensive” public or “mini-storage” options have become a default option for many small businesses. Knowing the risks associated with storing your…

To Scan or To Store? That is the Question.

Achieving a paperless office is easier said than done. For all the convenience technology has brought, computers have contributed to the proliferation of an increased amount of paper. Most businesses struggle with how to properly manage this influx of hardcopy documents and files. As a result, the refrain “Scan or store?” has become commonplace in…

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