Offsite Records Storage in Sacramento CA

Your documents may be shrinking your bottom line and putting your business at risk.  Paper files not only take up valuable office space but also require proper organization and management in order to meet legal and regulatory obligations.  One lost record can lead to a chain reaction of disrupted operations, frustrated customers, and non-compliance.  Additionally, any documents stored on-site that are damaged by fire, flooding or natural catastrophes can significantly impact your disaster recovery efforts.

Sacramento’s records storage solution

Pacific Records provides cost-effective and secure records storage solutions that protect Sacramento businesses.  Our off-site storage center is designed and engineered for the long-term preservation and protection of business records.  Staffed by screened and continuously trained professionals, our records storage facility meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and is equipped with the following:

  • fire detection and suppression systems
  • controlled and monitored access
  • digital surveillance technology
  • motion sensors
  • intrusion protection systems

With over 150 years of experience earning the trust of Sacramento’s business community, there’s no safer place in Sacramento to store your business records.

Secure records storage and retention management go hand in hand

Pacific Records Management enables your company to reduce the overhead and administrative costs associated with records storage and management.  Our records storage solution provides comprehensive management for your retention inventory.  Each record carton transferred to our Records Center is barcoded, wirelessly scanned, and added to our inventory management database, which allows complete tracking, expedient retrieval, and delivery of your records.

As our client you have access to a secure, user-friendly web portal that allows authorized users within your practice to manage your offsite inventory online from any remote location with the following capabilities:

  • search by name, date range, department
  • assign of retention periods
  • generate custom reports
  • scheduled final disposition and destruction
  • request file retrieval

No matter the time of day, your off-site records inventory is always available.  Documents can be requested online at any time by authorized users within your organization.  You have the option of having your files delivered by a Pacific Records Management screened employee directly to your Sacramento office in a secure, alarmed vehicle—or receiving your records electronically with our Scan on Demand solution.

Our professional records storage solution reduces your overhead and administrative costs, protects your business from costly data breaches, and helps your business meet HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, and GLB regulatory requirements.  To find out more please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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