Why, Where & How To Store Your Business Documents

A single shelf full of documents, some in folders, others loose. Overall it looks messy.Despite the transition to a digital world, paper-based business processes are still common and necessary. Accepting this fact is the first step to tackling your document inventory head-on and ensuring security, efficiency and compliance in your organization. In this blog, we address why, where and how to store your business documents. 

Balancing Risk, Disaster Protection and Cost of Document Storage

There are several reasons why you should have an offsite, rather than in-house, document storage plan. Firstly, risk reduction is the first reason. Your business records include proprietary and confidential information, therefore only authorized individuals should have access to them. Offsite storage eliminates internal security risks that allow unauthorized employees to access sensitive information.

The second reason to have an offsite storage plan is disaster protection. Besides preventing unauthorized access, offsite storage protects your documents against fires, floods, and other unexpected disasters at your primary location. Following a catastrophic event, you will still have access to your business information.

Third, offsite document storage saves space. Leased office space is expensive and filling it up with business records isn’t cost-effective or efficient. Offsite document storage allows you to use your office space for what it’s intended: to generate revenue for your business.

Protection, Preservation and Organization your Documents

Now that you understand why you should store your documents offsite, the next step is choosing where to store them. A commercial records center offers the best choice for protecting the confidentiality of your documents, preserving their condition during archival retention, and keeping them organized. It’s a specialized document storage facility equipped with advanced systems to keep your business documents safe, secure and organized. It features:

  • Climate controls with monitoring
  • Fire protection technology
  • Digital surveillance
  • Access control and monitoring

Only pre-screened and authorized personnel can access the records center. Your records are barcoded and tracked in a records management system. This then allows easy requesting of documents online for delivery to your office any time.

Barcoding, Labeling and Indexing of Documents

With the right document storage facility, deciding how to store your business documents is easy. Your records storage partner provides everything needed to make an easy and painless transfer of documents from your office to the records center. Prior to document pickup they will give you barcodes and transmittal forms. Document storage cartons can also be provided for efficient packing of your files. If needed, each carton can be professionally indexed for you. When your documents are ready, we pick them up from your office. Afterwards we transfer them to the records center for storage in a GPS-tracked vehicle.

Knowing why, where and how to store your business documents is essential in today’s hybrid Digital Age.

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