The Benefits of a Local Document Storage Provider

The right storage solution for your business records combines security, accessibility and professional retention management. Not every document storage provider is able offer such a comprehensive solution, although one that is locally owned and operated can offer many key advantages. Here are several benefits of using a local document storage provider to store your business records.

Local History and Experience

It’s important to know the history and ownership of your document storage company. One with an extensive history in and understanding of your community can offer a records management solution that keeps your business compliant with local and state document retention requirements. They’re also more likely to be a long-time member of local business organizations, giving you confidence that your documents are protected and managed by a company with local insight.

Industry Expertise

Document storage is more than just placing boxes on a shelf—it’s about mitigating risk, ensuring compliance, and enhancing productivity. When your document storage provider participates in larger industry groups specific to your business, they can draw from a pool of resources and information to help them maintain a high level of service. Understanding and implementing new technologies and processes benefits your business. A local document storage provider will probably also take part in local chapters of industry associations that your business may be affiliated with, such as:

  • Association of Legal Administrators (ALA)
  • Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM)
  • California Medical Group Management Association (CMGMA)

Fast & Seamless Information Access

You can’t afford to put your business operations on hold while waiting for important file; efficient access to your records is vital to the success of your organization. When you store your documents with a local provider, you know exactly where your information is stored and have confidence that it can be accessed quickly, anytime.

Reliable and Responsive Service

To be successful, a local document storage provider’s reputation must be built on reliability and responsiveness. They’re devoted to making sure you receive personalized, hands-on service each time you call. As a result, whether you need extra barcode labels or expedited file retrieval, you know your records management needs will be addressed promptly and with courtesy.

Community Commitment

Besides being dedicated to your records and information management needs, a local document storage provider is committed to your community. The individuals who handle, transport and store your records live in your community. They have a vested interest in making sure your information is properly managed and protected so your business continues to thrive.

Whether you’re running out of space, looking to enhance your disaster recovery capabilities, or are hoping to streamline your file administration processes, you can’t go wrong with a local document storage provider.

Pacific Records Management provides records storage services for businesses throughout Fresno, Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto, and Napa and Solano Counties. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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