4 Reasons You Need Off-Site Records Storage

Your business records are one of your most valuable assets. Is protecting and managing them an afterthought? In this blog, we offer four reasons off-site records storage should be a top priority.

Reason 1: Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters are impossible to predict. That’s why you need a disaster contingency plan. In California, earthquakes are a common occurrence, and geologists predict that “the big one” will happen in the next 30 years. Wildfires are a constant threat and can reduce thousands of homes and businesses to ash with little notice. Off-site records storage is a simple solution for protecting your documents and files from circumstances like these.

A California records center should meet all standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and be built to withstand earthquakes, fires, and flooding. Your documents should be stored on shelves constructed of solid steel with cross-braced beams that are bolted to the ground. Zoned, in-rack sprinklers are needed to minimize fire risks. If you want an improved disaster contingency plan for your business, there’s no safer place to store your records than a records center constructed with long-term document preservation in mind.

Reason 2: Privacy Protection

In today’s world where businesses are frequent victims of identity theft and business fraud, a locked file cabinet just isn’t enough. To protect the privacy of your employees and customers, your documents need restricted and monitored access.

Offsite records storage offers secure, controlled and monitored storage for your information. Access to a records center is limited to background-screened and authorized records management professionals. Only pre-authorized individuals in your organization can request records from the records center. Files are delivered in a GPS-tracked vehicle, and a barcode tracking system offers a complete audit trail of file requests and deliveries.

Reason 3: Productivity

Paper document retrieval is time consuming. Searching for a file can take several minutes, and you never regain that lost time. Off-site records storage keeps your documents organized and streamlines your retrieval processes. With the click of your mouse, your documents hand-delivered the same day or sent directly to your computer with a Scan on Demand service. Off-site records storage helps you stay as productive as possible.

Reason 4: Cost Savings

Document storage is one of the biggest overhead expenses for any company. File cabinets and paper records take up valuable office space and need administrative oversight. Off-site records storage eliminates the costs of storing and managing documents in-house. For less than the cost of a self-storage unit, and with far more security, your documents are moved to a record center and where their movements are automatically tracked for you with bar code technology. The office space they once occupied can now be allocated to revenue-producing activities.

When you look at all the benefits it offers, off-site records storage is an investment worth considering.

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