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If you’re a healthcare provider, you are no stranger to the rapid changes taking place within your industry. If the demands of keeping up with regulatory and compliance requirements aren’t enough to deal with, the challenges of managing the information related to the operation of your practice only adds to the complexity. With all of these responsibilities, it’s critical that your organization has a trusted partner for the management of your records.

A trusted and valued resource for Fresno’s healthcare community

Pacific Records Management provides clinics and hospitals of all sizes within Fresno with a solution for ensuring compliance with medical records retention requirements. Our medical records storage service allows your practice to reduce the overhead and administrative costs for storing and managing patient charts as well non-clinical information such as:

  • vendor contracts
  • accounting records
  • personnel files
  • vital business documents

With a 150-year reputation for providing customer-centric business solutions, we are proud to serve as a trusted resource for Fresno’s medical community.

HIPAA-compliant offsite storage

Upholding privacy of patient information is critical for your organization. As an experienced business associate to a great number of Fresno’s healthcare providers, we’ve implemented regimented systems and processes for ensuring privacy protection and meeting HIPAA compliance. Our records center is specially designed for the protection and preservation of hard copy records. We’ve equipped this National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)-standard facility with industry leading security and protection technology which includes the following features:

  • a continuously monitored fire suppression system
  • an intrusion protection system
  • controlled access
  • digital surveillance
  • motion sensors

Each Pacific Records employee undergoes comprehensive screening and is continuously trained in regulatory changes and issues as well as best practices for handling and protecting confidential information. A strict chain of custody is always maintained for your medical records while in our possession.

A better way to manage your patient records and practice files

Having streamlined access to your patient records allows you to provide better care. Our records storage solution also offers the benefit of improved retention management. Prior to being transferred to our records center, your medical records inventory is bar-coded, which allows for comprehensive tracking and seamless retrieval and delivery of files at a moment’s notice. A secure web portal interfaces with our inventory management database and allows authorized users within your practice to manage your offsite inventory online at any time. It also enables the following:

  • search by practice identifiers
  • assignment of retention periods
  • reporting capabilities
  • final disposition and destruction scheduling

Your records are available to you 24/7/365. We offer several service options to make sure you get the information you need delivered directly to your Fresno healthcare facility.

In short, Pacific Records Management’s record storage solution offers your medical practice the following benefits:

  • protection of patient health information
  • record, x-ray, and imaging chart preservation
  • improved practice file management
  • reduced administrative costs
  • HIPAA/HITECH compliance

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