Inside a Tape Rotation and Media Storage Service

Hand rotating a button and selecting the level of security.A business without access to data is like a sailboat without a sail. Without it, you’re dead in the water. Now is the time to take a hard look at your data recovery capabilities. In this blog, we take you inside a tape rotation and media storage service.

Environmental Protection

A tape rotation and media storage service is designed to provide your backup assets with the utmost care and attention. They are transferred from your office in a GPS-tracked vehicle to a specialized media vault for professional offsite protection. Since slight temperature and humidity fluctuations can destroy data stored on tapes, a media vault is equipped with advanced climate-control systems that far surpass those of a warehouse or general storage facility. Temperature and humidity levels are constantly monitored to ensure your tapes are stored under optimal environmental conditions. Novec 1230 fire suppression technology provides waterless, gas-based fire protection. Your media is stored on specially-designed, high-density shelving units that prevents it from being destroyed or corrupted.


Since data stored on your tapes contains sensitive personal and financial information, it’s important to keep it out of the wrong hands. Only background-screened data protection professionals are allowed inside the media vault. Combined biometric hand recognition, intrusion, and digital video surveillance systems provide 24/7 security monitoring.

Professional Tape Rotation

Tape rotation ensures your business has access to its most current critical data during a disaster. But managing a pool of backup tapes is stressful and time consuming for most resource-deficient and budget-strapped organizations.

A tape rotation service eliminates the burden of in-house tape management. With a tape rotation and media storage service, each tape in your rotation pool is assigned a unique barcode that it allows for tracking within a sophisticated tape management database. An integrated, web-based interface lets you view your offsite inventory, request tapes for delivery, and adjust your media rotation schedule as needed.

Emergency Access

A tape rotation and media storage service ensures optimal recovery time objectives (RTO). During a data-loss emergency, your provider delivers your tapes to your office or hot site in as little as 90 minutes. Your media is accessible after normal business hours, on the weekends and even during holidays.

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