Addressing Privacy Protection Vulnerabilities Within Your Organization

You have a responsibility to protect the privacy of your clients and employees, which is why it’s important to identify and remedy any risks that could potentially compromise their information. Unfortunately, privacy protection risks are easily ignored until brought to the forefront by a data breach incident.

In this post, we identify several often-overlooked privacy protection vulnerabilities so you can improve how you protect that private information.

Insecure file storage and access

Many organizations believe that confidential business records are best protected when they are stored and managed internally. In reality, it’s difficult to guarantee privacy protection without the right resources and facilities. In addition to outsider theft, employee snooping of sensitive information can also be a problem.

Hiring file clerks and administrative staff to manage documents is cost prohibitive. And purchasing and maintaining file storage space can be expensive. Further, storing documents and files on-site runs contrary to recommended disaster recovery practices.

Professional records storage is the best solution for ensuring privacy protection. Documents are stored in a facility designed specifically for safeguarding:

  • Personnel records
  • Client files
  • Sensitive financial information
  • Patient charts

All document access is restricted to authorized employees within your organization. Records access and retrieval is monitored at all times with records and information management software. Only screened professionals trained in HIPAA, FACTA and PCI compliance handle your records inventory.

Improper data protection

Regular data backup procedures are crucial for protecting private and sensitive data. All too often though, post-backup processes put your information at risk. Common mistakes include:

  • Leaving backup tapes on-site
  • Inadequately labeling and tracking media
  • Transporting sensitive data to a private residence for overnight “safe-keeping”

A professional tape and media rotation service enhances privacy protection for your business by providing managed data protection. Your backup media is regularly transferred to a media vault for safekeeping and long term preservation. All tapes are barcoded, tracked and managed with specialized software.

If your business does not have the hardware, staff or time to manage an off-line backup process, an e-vaulting solution enables your data to be backed up remotely and securely stored off-site.

Untimely document disposal

It’s neither prudent nor legally sound to keep your confidential information for an indefinite period of time. Privacy protection also means ensuring timely and secure disposal of documents and files.

Most in-house document disposal methods involve the use of a paper shredding machine. These devices are time consuming to use and prone to maintenance issues. As a result, files containing personal information may be carelessly tossed in a trash or recycling bin.

A professional shred service enables confidential documents to be easily and quickly deposited into locked shred collection containers. On a scheduled basis, all information is collected and shredded at your facility with a mobile shredding vehicle or securely transported to a shredding plant for secure destruction. In addition to encouraging regular employee disposal of documents, a professional shred service ensures complete privacy protection during the destruction process.

No business is completely shielded from privacy protection vulnerabilities. However, when you’re able to successfully identify risks to your sensitive and confidential information you have a better chance of applying effective privacy exposure prevention solutions.

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