Answers to the Top 5 Document Imaging Questions

the word "Questions" just typed out on the typewriter and the paper still in the typewriter.Document imaging can play a vital role in transforming your business. Still, knowing the facts is important when moving ahead with an imaging solution. In this blog, we answer the top five document imaging questions.

Q: Should I buy a desktop scanner to image my documents?

A: Desktop scanners are fine for imaging one or two files every so often. If you want a comprehensive paperless solution for your organization, you will need to partner with a document scanning provider.

Q: What are the benefits of outsourcing my imaging project?

A: A trusted document scanning company offers the resources you need to digitize your paper records. Professional, background-screened scanning technicians organize, index, and convert your documents to digital files with high-speed, production-grade scanners and advanced imaging software. While they are scanning your documents, you stay focused on your business.

Q: What is the best place to store my digital images?

A: A document scanning service provider can transfer your digital images to a DVD or hard drive. If you are looking for a secure storage solution, find out whether your scanning provider offers secure online document storage. This option allows authorized users from your company to search, view, and share your digital files online.

Q: What should I do with my hard copies after imaging them?

A: It depends on the requirements of your industry. Many companies destroy hard copies after imaging them. Choosing a scanning provider who offers document shredding services gives you access to secure destruction of your paper records. If you need to keep your hard copies, choose a scanning provider who offers off-site document storage.

Q: How do I select a document imaging partner?

A: Look for a locally-owned document scanning company. This will help you weed out providers who outsource their imaging and ship your document overseas to a third party. Find out what security and chain of custody protocols are used to protect your information. Remember to ask a potential provider for client references and talk with their current customers.

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