Integrating Storage, Scanning, Data Protection and Destruction for your Business

The quote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – might be used to describe what every business owner strives for when it comes to achieving a cohesive business.  However, when it comes to your business data, it can often seem like managing a hodgepodge of disparate pieces. For example, you may have a collection of file cabinets in your office that contain paper documents. Other records may be sitting idle in an offsite repository. And a portion of your information may be in an electronic format residing on a server or backup media.

How do you get a handle on it all so that your business can become more efficient? A synergistic approach for managing your business information isn’t as difficult as it seems. It’s just a matter of implementing the right processes and tools that allow for proper organization, storage and sharing of your records and data. Whether you’re a company that needs to meet regulatory requirements or a small business looking to increase productivity, a professional records and information management solution can help.

Offsite storage offers better security and management of your records

Finding space for storing documents is a challenge a lot of businesses face. Not only does storage need to be secure, but records also should be properly tracked to facilitate efficient retrieval. Many organizations attempt to allocate storage space within their facilities while failing to understand costly overhead and administrative considerations along with privacy protection risks. Additionally, many businesses simply hold on to records longer than necessary, creating further costs and risks.

Professional offsite storage eliminates the expenses associated with managing records internally and offers better organization and management of your documents. Your records inventory is transferred to a dedicated records center, specially designed for document protection and preservation. Records storage offers:

  • bar-code tracking technology
  • retention management
  • retrieval and delivery services

Records that are stored and tracked offsite can also be destroyed at the end of the retention life cycle ensuring improved audit and regulatory compliance.

Scanning of active records enables streamlined operations

While records that are inactive and archival in nature should be managed offsite, the imaging of active hardcopy records can facilitate better workflow processes within your business.  Paper files are sorted, indexed and scanned into an electronic format and stored on a server, hard drive or within a document management database. Electronic documents offer the following advantages:

  • remote access of data
  • improved collaboration
  • streamlined customer service

Protecting and preserving electronic data

Any hardcopy data that is converted to an electronic format should be backed up along with information critical to your business continuity. In order to properly preserve and protect magnetic and optical media, it’s necessary to implement a media storage and rotation solution. A dedicated media vault facility ensures that backup tapes are preserved in an optical preservation environment and are easily located and retrieved to support data recovery processes through the following features:

  • strict humidity and temperature control monitoring
  • biometric security
  • inventory management database
  • dry fire suppression system

Regular ongoing disposal of no longer needed confidential information

Secure disposal of both hardcopy and electronic information should be integrated as part of an overall information management strategy. In addition to regular daily destruction of confidential information, final disposition of data should be incorporated into retention policies. Your records and information management provider can facilitate this with a solution that combines:

  • mobile shredding
  • shred collection containers
  • one time file purges

Pacific Records Management provides records and information management solutions for businesses throughout Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, Napa and Solano Counties. For more information, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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