Preventing Data Mishandling Within Your Business

Information sharing is critical within any organization, yet without the right processes, data can also be misplaced or permanently lost. Aside from the legal consequences that result from not adequately protecting personal information belonging to your clients, mishandled data can also disrupt operational processes and bad publicity can cause long-term damage to your brand. It’s clear just how important it is to have controls in place that foster secure data management practices.

How off-site records storage helps

Your company may store a combination of electronic and hardcopy data on-premises with the idea that access to this information is easier and more expedient than storing it off-site. Ironically, storing it on-site may actually make it harder to pinpoint critical data when you need it. Most in-house filing systems are manually driven and lack processes for continuously tracking data as it is created, retrieved and refilled.

An off-site records storage solution combines barcode tracking technology with an inventory management database so that a carton of records or even a single file can be located at any given time. Only authorized users can request and retrieve files and backup tapes, enabling a complete audit trail of information access and discouraging negligent data handling practices. Off-site storage also offers the following benefits:

  • streamlined workflow processes
  • enhanced disaster recovery capabilities
  • improved identity theft protection

The importance of tracking and managing backup data

Many organizations resort to the practice of taking backup tapes home each night. Not only does this make it difficult to track critical data, but it also exposes the tapes to increased risk of theft and data degradation. Because magnetic media is especially vulnerable to temperature and humidity fluctuations, when a tape leaves an air-conditioned office and is put in a hot car, the data stored on it is immediately at risk.

The same inventory management controls monitoring the flow of hardcopy documents can also be applied to electronic media as part of a data protection solution. Your media can be barcoded, tracked within the vault to allow for rapid retrieval, then cycled back to you on either a scheduled or as-needed basis. A web interface to our inventory control system allows you to manage your tapes, adjust your rotation schedule, and recall specific volumes.

Eliminating risky disposal practices

It’s not uncommon for confidential and sensitive material to be accidentally tossed out. Paperwork is carelessly thrown away, either not thoroughly shredded or simply not shredded at all, resulting in increased legal liability and privacy breach exposure. Most risky data disposal practices are not intentional but rather a by-product of the inherent laborious process of destroying documents in-house. Documents require hand-feeding through office shredding machines, which are prone to frequent malfunctions. Because of the time-consuming and tedious nature of this process, employees may indefinitely postpone the shredding of files containing personal and confidential information.

This problem can be eliminated with a scheduled shred service which fosters faster and more conscientious document disposal processes. Locked bins or consoles are placed within your office, enabling secure collection of confidential material. On a scheduled basis, all material is collected and emptied into industrial-strength shredders for complete, monitored destruction according to according NAID standards. Confidential documents can be shredded either at your premises or at ours.

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