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3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Business Information

When you think about the different places your business data resides and all of the threats to that information, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. All the worry about theft, fires, flooding and negligence can—ironically—lead to inaction. Here are three simple steps you can take to make sure that your business information is protected. 1. Enhance…

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Do You Really Have Control Over Your Corporate Data?

Managing corporate data has never been more difficult. Your business information exists in both digital and in hardcopy format and may be spread out across your entire enterprise, making centralized control of your data a challenge. Once the sheer number and variety of cyber and identity theft threats is factored in, it becomes apparent that…

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Document Scanning and Enterprise Content Management: Shared Objectives

The ability to store information economically—as well as organize it in a way so that it can be shared efficiently—can help your organization become more profitable and competitive.  As a result, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and document scanning solutions have become popular tools for enabling improved classification, storage and utilization of corporate data.  But…

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