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Answers to Your Document Storage Questions

Keeping up with paper documents while running a business can be a big headache. A records storage service offers relief. In this blog, we answer frequently-asked document storage questions. Q: Why should I store my documents offsite? A:Offsite document storage offers many benefits. First, it eliminates clutter, allowing for more efficient use of your office…

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4 Ways Your Business Could Lose Its Data

If you aren’t prepared, data loss does more than catch you off-guard—it puts your entire business at risk. Fortunately, as the adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Here are four ways your business could lose its data and how to prevent them from happening: 1. Disaster Fires, floods, earthquakes,…

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Where Not to Store Your Documents and Why

Your document inventory includes financial records, personal client data, and confidential employee files. As a result, it’s important have a safe and secure storage solution for them. Here’s where not to store your documents and why: Your Office When looking for a document storage solution, your office may seem like a logical solution. But even…

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Addressing Privacy Protection Vulnerabilities Within Your Organization

You have a responsibility to protect the privacy of your clients and employees, which is why it’s important to identify and remedy any risks that could potentially compromise their information. Unfortunately, privacy protection risks are easily ignored until brought to the forefront by a data breach incident. In this post, we identify several often-overlooked privacy…

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Keeping Scary Threats to Your Information at Bay

You have a ton of information to manage, both physically and digitally, and there are risks involved given the array of threats associated with identity theft and corporate fraud. This month, we’ve highlighted some of the scary things that threaten your information and what you can do to keep them at bay. Permanently lost It’s…

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