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The Top 10 Benefits of Document Scanning Services

Still on the fence about going paperless? Why wait any longer when your business can reap a host of benefits? Here are the top reasons to scan your documents: 1. More Office Space Using prime office real estate to store business records is costly. Scanning your documents frees up office space so it can be…

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To Scan or to Store? That Is the Question.

If your office is filled with file cabinets, there’s no denying the appeal of document scanning as a solution for freeing up space. But imaging all of your paper records can be costly and unnecessary. The real question isn’t whether to go paperless or not; rather, it’s deciding which documents to store and which to…

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Toss, Scan or Store?

Your office space is shrinking. Finding files is a chore. You’ve finally reached the point where it’s time to address the elephant in the room: your expanding records inventory. The problem is figuring out where to begin and the steps that follow. Here are a few tips for deciding what to toss, scan or store.…

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6 Document Imaging Benefits for Your Small Business

Going paperless helps businesses of all sizes and types become more productive and profitable. But small businesses in particular can gain a competitive advantage from a document imaging solution. Here are six benefits document imaging offers your small business. 1. Digital storage Imagine how much more organized your small business would be if you eliminated…

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Records and Information Management Resolutions for the New Year

New Year’s Resolutions can be hard to follow through with. However, when they involve your livelihood, employees and customers it’s easier to commit to them. The key is having specific goals in mind and clear methods for reaching those goals. In the spirit of the season, we offer several records and information management resolutions for…

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Document Scanning and Enterprise Content Management: Shared Objectives

The ability to store information economically—as well as organize it in a way so that it can be shared efficiently—can help your organization become more profitable and competitive.  As a result, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and document scanning solutions have become popular tools for enabling improved classification, storage and utilization of corporate data.  But…

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