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Addressing Privacy Protection Vulnerabilities Within Your Organization

You have a responsibility to protect the privacy of your clients and employees, which is why it’s important to identify and remedy any risks that could potentially compromise their information. Unfortunately, privacy protection risks are easily ignored until brought to the forefront by a data breach incident. In this post, we identify several often-overlooked privacy…

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Assessing Your Storage Option Risks

There never seems to be enough space to store paper documents, but luckily, there are a number of storage options. However, each comes with its own risks. We examine various storage options so that the next time you run out of space you can make an informed decision about where you choose to store your…

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Preventing Data Mishandling Within Your Business

Information sharing is critical within any organization, yet without the right processes, data can also be misplaced or permanently lost. Aside from the legal consequences that result from not adequately protecting personal information belonging to your clients, mishandled data can also disrupt operational processes and bad publicity can cause long-term damage to your brand. It’s…

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Do You Really Have Control Over Your Corporate Data?

Managing corporate data has never been more difficult. Your business information exists in both digital and in hardcopy format and may be spread out across your entire enterprise, making centralized control of your data a challenge. Once the sheer number and variety of cyber and identity theft threats is factored in, it becomes apparent that…

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How to Choose the Right Commercial Records Center

The value you place on your information extends to how you manage and store it.  You have choices. You may decide to leave your files within office filing cabinets, or you might even have a year’s worth of business records stacked in the corner of a basement.  You’ve even considered the mini storage facility down…

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Money-Saving Tips for Managing Your Information

In tough economic times such as these, most companies are looking hard at all their costs to determine where money can be saved or resources could be better used. One area that is critical to all business operations is records and information management. Companies are required by law to maintain evidence of their operations, but…

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